Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 2


Let’s hope what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, because this week all of the ladies got along for the most part! Not that I’m a monster and want everyone fighting and hurling insults at each other for the majority of the season, but well, that’s sort of exactly what I want. I enjoy fun moments and see strong friendships and bonds develop, but I need a fine balance between that and freshly brewed drama.

Anyways, we start off exactly where we left it last week, with Lisa Rinna coming in to meet the girls in Vegas. Dorit and Rinna are a bit awkward toward each other, seemingly both addressing the elephant in the room, which was that they last left off discussing the coke allegations at the reunions. Then we see Erika Jayne channeling a “Russian hooker” and if anyone else wore this they’d look like a complete moron but Erika pulled it off flawlessly. Too cool for school, that Erika.

The ladies head to dinner, where almost right off the bat Dorit lets the cat out of the bag that Teddi is John Mellencamp’s daughter. LVP and Dorit start to joke around about Rinna but it comes off in almost a bullying kind of way, mostly because they just kept going and going with it. Teddi then tells the girls what she does: she’s an accountability coach. Now listen, I respect the profession, as I do anyone’s, but I do hold some strong judgements about the type of person who chooses to be an accountability coach. Usually, they’re fighting some pretty serious demons of their own but I’ll let that judgement speak for itself throughout the rest of the season. Erika and Dorit have a little side conversation and it’s actually pretty refreshing to see them getting along. I do feel it’s genuine as well.

Next we head to the club where we’re treated to season one Camille’s dance moves and the nostalgia gave me goosebumps! Everyone has a nice time celebrating their respective birthday’s and they call it a night.

The next day we see Lisa Rinna facetiming with her daughter about eating a $280 steak she had the night before. First of all, I’m not sure why we’re watching this. Secondly, I hate her for ordering that steak but I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I had her funds. We then see Dorit in Marsha Brady hair clips which I supremely appreciated, but unfortunately during said scene she’s facetiming with PK. I loathe that red sweaty man and I can’t say I’ll ever feel ready to lay my eyes on him.

Kyle, Rinna, and Camille all head to the pool for the day while Dorit, Erika and Teddi head down to the casino; LVP is inexplicably missing for a period of time. Erika and Dorit have a ball while gambling and as I stated earlier, I’m kind of enjoying their repore. Teddi lets us know once again that she’s a frugal bitch and with that said, if you’re a frugal bitch what in the actual fuck are you doing on the Real Housewives of Beverly fucking Hills?! I digress..for now.

Back at the pool, the ladies have a rather boring poolside chat, with Kyle filling us in on her upcoming annual family European excursion. Then back at the casino, LVP shows up out of nowhere and her, Erika and Dorit head out to go shopping while cheapskate Teddi goes to meet the other ladies at the pool.

While the three go off shopping, they have a calm and pleasant conversation about the fact that they’ve moved on from everything last season, and Erika and LVP even hug at the end! Color me surprised. Erika then explains how she needs to work on her communication skills with women by sharing with us how she usually communicates with her gays and her explanation was nothing short of amazing. “Hi bitch” “what” “Be there in 5” “cool”.

Later in the day, Kyle and Vanderpump are getting ready and their room when Erika comes to talk to Kyle. Kyle then explains to Erika about what happened with Harry Hamlin on the hike, to which Erika responds by telling the bitch she better say something stat.

The ladies finally get over to their ferris wheel jaunt, The High Roller, and it actually looks pretty cool and I’m pissed I didn’t go when I was last in Vegas. Kyle gets ready to talk to Rinna about the Harry incident when Rinna beelines it to talk to Dorit and Kyle loses her chance. Rinna and Dorit converse about the coke allegation and honestly I couldn’t focus on what they were saying with Dorit’s boobs legitimately popping out of the top of her dress. They go back and forth for a bit but ultimately move on and that’s that. I sure hope for my sake that they end up going backwards later in the season.

Kyle then finally gets her chance to tell Rinna about the hike, however, Rinna responds by saying she already knows about it! Kyle explains her feelings on the matter and Rinna swiftly apologizes that it happened but ultimately states that Harry loves Kyle and it was a momentary indiscretion. As I said earlier, everything’s sailing a bit to smoothly this episode.

After the High Roller, everyone minus Kyle heads to a lounge where once again, Erika and Dorit are getting along splendidly. Specifically, they decide to have fun by mocking dildos out of ice. Kyle then joins them briefly to say goodbye before she heads off on her vacation. Dorit asks Teddi what it was like growing up with her dad, and Teddi then states that it’s the same as asking Erika how it was growing up with her dad. This struck a nerve with Erika because she responded with a snarky “Well I don’t know him”. Erika tells us that she was 25 when she met her father, and so I understand it’s a tough subject for her but I actually have to side with Teddi here. She was making a common reference and this feels very similar to how she misconstrued Eileen’s “kill your child” comments last year, albeit muchhhh less of a big deal. Side note: I’m really missing Eileen again right now. Rinna comments about how it makes her understand Erika’s boundaries a bit more in a new, very harsh testimonial look.

We finish out the episode with a breakfast scene the next morning in Teddi’s room, who’s joined by Dorit. They discuss Erika and Dorit simply explains that Erika may take a bit to let her in, which at this point we all know. And that’s the episode guys. Really not much, so hopefully it picks up the pace next week and we get some of the messy Lisa Rinna we know and love.

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