What to Expect from This Season of The Bachelorette


Here we go on another wild ride to find true love! Last night was the premiere of Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette bonanza, but the fun is just starting. We have everything we need for a spectacular season: a marvelous leading lady, handsome suitors that serve a variety of roles, and superb potential that Rachel will find Mr. Right while navigating through some TV-terrific foul-ups. We got a season preview last night, but here’s what we can (and should) expect from this year’s Bachelorette season.

Naturally, I’ll try to keep the rose-colored glasses on, but I just can’t help having my tinfoil cap on sometimes instead.

Around the World in 9 Weeks

It wouldn’t be a Bachelor show if we didn’t have magnificent places to go visit. Judging from the season preview, this season won’t be any different. There’s viking boats, canal views, and other lovely sights for our lovebirds to explore their feelings with. It’ll be a great way to celebrate a season of change, and there’s a fresh excitement to it all that plenty of viewers won’t be able to resist.

Lee Is Our Designated Antagonist

There’s always one person who is the resident shit-stirrer on these dating shows – this year’s protoype is Lee, the guy with the tired “Nashville musician” trope. He gets into arguments with both Eric over his intentions (which is rich) and seemingly doesn’t have a good camaraderie with Kenny. He’s a peculiar choice out of the duds we have for a primary villain, but he fits the mold just the same.

Rachel Lindsay of the bachelorette
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Somebody’s Girlfriend Makes A Surprise Visit

One of these guys had a GIRLFRIEND while trying to be on this show?! (Omgnowai)

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and I doubt it will be the last. Considering how popular the show is with celebrities, it’s natural for stragglers to want their come up and snatch fifteen minutes to shine (especially a scorned lover). The random seems to have cellular evidence regarding our shiesty unidentified suitor, but I have a feeling it will end up being a guy we don’t expect. We’re also kidding ourselves if production had ZERO idea about this, because how else would they have been able to set this up for television?

Kenny Gets A Bloody Eye

Production really wants us to believe that Kenny was straight up sucker punched from that preview, but I have intel that there was a group themed date which (not surprisingly) involved professional wrestling. Chances are our very own Kenny King just got bruised up during his match, and I highly doubt that we’ll be expecting an actual brawl this season (as it would have already leaked by now.)

Rachel Gets Overwhelmed

We can all laugh about how Rachel struggling to find Mr. Right on national television is a total first world problem, but Rachel’s a compelling enough character to make most of us feel bad. She’s also self-aware enough to know how people will react to her choices and judge her decision making. After all, she turned down doctors, a law student, and a former US Marine over a penguin, a tickle monster, and a grown man with a miniature doll of himself.

Rachel’s reputation and personal life are on the line here, and it’s easy to sympathize with her on this journey to find love. For once in a really long time, we aren’t doubting whether intentions are pure and we’re really rooting for a happy ending this time around.

Blossoming Romance and Promising Connections

The good news is that there does seem to be phenomenal potential with guys that we can totally root for. There are some tell tale signs with certain suitors (she straight up asks one if they’ve ever taken home a black girl) but it will make for a wonderful season that features a wonderful lead.

Rachel Gets Engaged

Of course somebody put a ring on her. Forget the fact that Rachel is bona-fide wifey material, it’s pretty much declasse now to be a Bachelorette finalist and not have the engagement ring ready.

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