What Happened to Crazy Kristen?


Am I the only one who is missing crazy Kristen here?? Carter seems to have turned this girl around and for the better! Sure, I guess I could say I was happy for her, but I’d be lying. We need someone getting down to the bottom of things again, we need someone looking for the answers to all these questions we still have. Where is that girl?

Let’s be clear though, I never really thought Kristen was crazy, I think she was obviously just smarter than her (no offense) not so clever sneaky boyfriends. With all the investigation shows we have out now not to mention our technology I am so surprised people these days haven’t figured out how to cover their own tracks by now. Haven’t you learned anything from watching other peoples mistakes? I recently watched the WWHL with Kristen where she played the game “Is Kristen still crazy?” I’m not so sure she is being completely truthful on many of her answers.

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She was asked if she checks Carters phone, her response was “no” and she claims she doesn’t know any of Carters passwords, she stated “he’s told me but I don’t remember” come on, give me a break.. Kristen doesn’t remember his password?? Please, as if it was just such useless information to her it went in one ear and out the other? I don’t think so, she either quickly ran into the next room repeating it over and over in her head so she wouldn’t forget before she could write it down or she just automatically stored it right there in her little Carter memory bank where she is also keeping a list of all his mistakes and things she wants to use against him later. Not to mention us girls don’t forget anything you say especially something as top secret as a password. Believe me, I would know.

She claims she does not check his Uber receipts and I find that highly unlikely, if checking uber receipts lead her to cracking down on the James Kennedy investigation she had trust me when I say she isn’t going to just change up her winning strategy now. She plead the fifth when asked if she has ever contacted any girls from Miami who may have had a past with Carter, then said she was “just joking”. Has Kristen REALLY changed for good? Is this only temporary? Do people ever really change? I guess we will see on the next season of Vanderpump Rules!

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