The SUR Staff Rated From 1-10, Who’s Nice and Who’s Nasty?

Who is the meanest SURver of them all?

  1. admin
    She’s about as sweet as the tea in Kentucky. Brittany makes friends easily and she gets along with just about everybody. Who else would hang out with their current boyfriend’s ex (Stassi) on this cast? The only one who seems to get under her skin is Jax Taylor for obvious reasons.

  2. admin
    Lisa’s not fooling any of us with her “British humor” excuse for acting like an a-hole on her multiple season ride of RHBC. She says terrible comments under her breath about cast mate Eileen Davidson like when she casually mentioned her husband could be ‘under another woman’s skirt’ at a party when LVP knew that he had cheated on Eileen in the past. It crushed Lisa to apologize for her rude comment. Although as an employer she seems calm, composed, and exceptionally empathetic. I just can’t ignore that there are two sides of LVP.

  3. admin
    Ariana is disliked mostly because she’s so blunt it’s a shock and horror to her extremely emotional friends. She keeps it a hundred whether she likes you or not. She’s not swayed when the girls start picking sides. Case-in-point she stayed friends with Lala when Kristen, Katie, and Stassi were playing mean girl at SUR.

  4. admin
    Don’t get me wrong, Scheana loves herself some gossip, but I genuinely think that she doesn’t have much else to input intellectually. Shes taken a lot of crap from the other girls for always playing “both sides” when Katie or Stassi decides they don’t like someone.

  5. admin
    Stassi has changed probably due to her turbulent off-camera relationship with Patrick. She’s toned down the spoiled princess attitude. Prior to those seasons, Stassi was bloodthirsty and would rip even her closest friends on the drop of a dime. She’s led infamous crusades to ice people out of the group at SUR.

    I really wish they’d just pull the plug on her… She’s not relative to the show. She’s just dumb & a bitch

  6. admin
    Jax Taylor or JT if you will. Jax had solidified his nastiest cast member title when he spread lies about his own girlfriend. He is the rudest, crudest of them all. He doesn’t regret of the vicious things he says. Matter-of-fact, he never sees that what he says is wrong at all! Jax loves to spew out the first thing that comes to his mind under the cloak of being ‘honest’. He has no loyalty to anyone. He will also say slanderous things about about his ‘best friends’ in public like he's done with Tom and Katie.

  7. admin
    Lala is rude. She’s a little ratched. She’s a little tacky. I respect Lala because she owns her rudeness. It's evident she feels bad after her lashing out. I think she’s has her claws out because she has 0 chance of being friends with the OG SURvers.

  8. admin
    Katie Maloney-Schwartz can't use the bridezilla excuse. She is Stassi's certified understudy because she manipulates her friends to executing her agenda. Katie thinks being a bad friend is crossing her. Even without Stassi's help in season 3, Katie had reputation for her tequila induced smack talking-especially to her Bubba, Tom.

  9. admin
    Stassi’s number 1 minion and what RHBC Erika Girardi would call a “sniper from the side” for Stassi and Katie. She looks and digs for information like an FBI agent to bury you (James or Tom Sandoval could attest). Being right about something makes her validate her crazy behavior. Crazy meaning expect a drink on you or possibly getting punched in the face. She loves destroying rivals by lying, physical arguments and bulliying.

  10. admin
    JAMES. He would have been able to spin records, and have enough time and money to record music, all while driving his sweet BMW forever IF he stopped ‘blaming it on the alcohol’. James’ immature behavior has contributed to the grimiest fights in the history of the show. When you hear James you think of scenes of spitting, yelling, fighting, and disgusting comments being said about the women of the show.

    This arrogant, narcissistic human being is the most irritating pom I have ever known of. Why do they keep him on? I mute tv when he’s on it.

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