Stassi Schroeder Weighs In On #Scandoval With New Details


No one is safe from #Scandoval and it is no doubt the most exciting thing to happen to Vanderpump Rules & BravoTV in quite a while. Season 10 was kind of dragging along with mediocre storylines but this was obviously enough to get the camera crews fired back up and the OG cast members weighing in on social media and podcasts.

Stassi weighed in on her podcast “Straight Up with Stassi” saying, “The cheating shit is so fucking shocking. You can’t actually even compare it to the whole Kristen and Jack situation because this is 4 trillion times worse. So I think 10-year relationship when you own a home together, they’re married. Yes. They’re married. Yes. Like this isn’t like, oh, they’ve been dating for two or three years and it would still be fucked up.”

We tend to agree and could’ve sworn there was some marriage law that says after living with a partner for 7 years, you were technically married. Unclear if this is a real thing but sounds legit?

They went on to discuss, “It would still be fucked up. This is like what? Like you have like, okay. We all knew. That Sandoval was in an incredibly selfish yes. Narcissistic, yes. Egotistical person who spent 10 years convincing everyone that he was the good guy, which always just drove me crazy cuz like I saw through that. And that’s why I fought with him.

And you know what? That’s probably why he didn’t like me. Yes. But I’ve seen through this whole shit, I’ve seen through this shit. I like, just like can’t believe that this is happening like three years after I was let go from the show. It’s just like all it’s. Yeah, like it’s, it’s literally too much right now.

And there’s a new thing that comes out every day, every day, or every hour. Honestly, it feels like every hour. Mean bolt. Let necklaces, um, don’t give us started on the fucking lightning bolts. The salon of it all black eyes, honestly. The Halloween costume. I didn’t hear the Halloween costume. Sandoval dressed up as Raquel for Halloween.

They were already having an affair who dresses up as their MI mistress in front of their, oh my God. Current partner. That’s cruel, this’s, cruel. It’s, it’s all cruel. It’s so in plain sight, and I’ve always, and this honestly. Makes me realize too, Miami girl. That was true. Which I always knew because he, like, he ran from the cameras, like, and no one who’s like not guilty runs from cameras like that.

Just, and I never understood why no one ever followed up with that. Like the rumors about that, I’ve, there’s been lots of rumors that have come up on banner pum rolls, and no one ever like tries to figure out if they’re true. They like, everyone’s always trying to figure out everyone else’s, but like if anyone ever came for Tom Sandoval, Oh, no, no.

Like no one was allowed to.”

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