Here’s Why James Kennedy Will Shine in Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules


James Kennedy has had a somewhat troubled past few seasons on Vanderpump Rules. There was the breakup/on0going feud with Kristen Doute, his alcohol problems, his constant fighting with Jax and his firing from Pump and SUR. But things are beginning to look great for James. Here’s why he figures to have a great season 6 of Vanderpump Rules.

He Still Has His Girlfriend Raquel

All things considered, when James lost his job at Pump and SUR, a lot of his on-screen time during season 5 was spent with Raquel. You can tell how much she means to James (a lot more then Kristen ever did). James has his rock in girlfriend Raquel. When things went awry whether it was at work or with Jax, he still had her to make him want t keep things in check. Raquel definitely has a great influence on James and we hope to see more of her in season 6 for James sake.

Lala Kent Figures To Be Back

Sure, once upon a time James wanted to get with Lala, but she’s meant more to him as a friend than she would have ever meant as a hookup. Lala was his closest friend among cast members. As Lala began to go missing at the end of season 5, James didn’t really have a confidant in the group, which is why James too seemingly wasn’t as prominent down the stretch of season 5. Tom and Ariana emerged as a team in his corner and he still figures to have that. With Lala rumored to be back in the fold, he now has her again in his corner.

Jax and James Are On Good Terms

Jax and James
Bravo TV

We’ll call it good terms because we’re not sure just how friendly they are just yet but yes, James and Jax are friendly again. I’m sure season 6 will give us all indications as to how well things are going between the two. This is good for James both socially and at work. Jax was the driving factor in getting James to the point of acting out and getting fired, so he figures to hold onto his job for as long as they’re not feuding.

With these factors, it would seem James now is now friends with Lala, Tom Sandoval, Ariana, Jax (and Brittany because she’s nice to everyone), and has his girlfriend in Raquel. James should have an important and successful season 6.

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