Did Lala Kent and Katie Maloney-Schwartz Really Bury the Hatchet?


It’s no secret that it’s been a little rocky between Lala Kent and some of her other cast mates on Vanderpump Rules, but has she really made amends with Katie? Between Season 4 and 5 of Vanderpump Rules there was a lot of bad blood between Lala Kent and Katie Maloney-Schwartz. They both made low blows and definitely crossed boundaries.

A lot went down between the two seasons. Lala had made comments about Katie’s then fiancé,Tom Schwartz, saying she had a crush on him & would have sex with him after they broke up, and that her biggest regret was not taking her top off more in front of him. She also implied Katie was fat by saying it was obvious Katie and her friends hadn’t been working on their summer bodies.

Katie has also had her share of insults by helping spread the alleged rumor that Lala was dating a married man and calling Lala a whore saying “I call it as I see it.” The insults and low blows went back and forth.

Ariana tried to help clear the air by bringing Lala to SUR and sitting her down with Katie and Scheana and trying to mediate the situation (good luck with that girl). If, as a viewer, you were hoping they would all hug it out, you, like me, were definitely disappointed. Lala apologized, but Katie did not forgive her.

On the Season 5 Reunion Lala and Katie both apologized to each other for the things they have done and said. It started by Katie saying, “I mismanaged my feelings a lot this summer, when you came and apologized to me about calling me fat or whatever and the other things I was not emotionally prepared to accept an apology. —I don’t like to sling insults like calling people whores and all of that — that was an ugly moment for me to watch. I 100 percent apologize for that, because I was very stubborn this summer, especially towards you.”  She then goes to say “[her and Tom] weren’t in a good place — I wasn’t in a good place with myself and my own body image. You didn’t know us, we weren’t close, and so I went after you. You’re going to talk about my relationship, I’m going to talk about yours. That is what I was doing, and that’s not excusable, that’s not OK. I can’t justify the things I said but I do apologize for them.”

Lala was holding back tears when she said, “I’ve waited a long time to have just one of them say I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.” She then followed with “You have no idea, I did mean that apology that day. But my mouth is vicious and it’s something I have to work on on a day-to-day because when my feelings gets hurt I will go for the jugular and right after I’m like, ‘Fuck’.” Lala finished by sincerely saying, “so that means the world to me and I do not hate you in any way of the word.”

After seeing the way they felt about each other and the things that were said between the two I was very happy about how genuine both apologies seemed. Just like Tom Schwartz mentioned, I think they might be more alike than they think.

It’s been a couple of months since the reunion was filmed, so you never know what’s going on off camera. I haven’t seen any interaction with the two until yesterday. Katie had retweeted something Lala retweeted May 9th.

Not only did she retweet her, but Katie also follows Lala. I really hope this means they have both left the past in the past and are ready to move forward, or have already. Maybe we’ll be seeing Katie on Lala’s “LIVE With Lala” Instagram series? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


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