5 ‘Secrets’ Our SURver Shared When We Ate At SUR


A few friends wanted to go out to dinner and drinks last Saturday so I suggested SUR (duh). My husband put up a little fight but was quickly overruled. Our reservation was for 8:30 but we got there about an hour early so we went to the bar and had a couple drinks. I made it all of 10 minutes before I felt the urge to ask the bartender for some gossip but he looked kinda busy so I held it in.

Eventually we were sat at our table where I proceeded to ask every SURver and busboy for any “secret gossip”. Don’t judge me. Here are the ones I managed to remember after more than my fair share of SUR Cosmos:

Secret #1: Apparently James has been spending a TON of time in “Boy’s Town”.. What that means? I’m not quite sure but I can guess!

Drunk on you 59th anniversary! congrats Jesse!

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Secret #2: Peter lived with his 3 brothers in a 1 bedroom apartment for over 5 years. I love Peter but I find this to be kind of strange no? I get that L.A. is expensive but he has a good job as the manager he must make decent money. Wouldn’t you want to at least have your own room when you’re in your 30’s?! Idk I still love him.

I didn’t know these existed!! Got to do another #poolparty

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Secret #3: The bar manager at PUMP (Eric) who was featured a decent amount last season and had beef with Jax was fired! When I asked why our SURver just said it was for MANY reasons, whatever that means.

Eric Nelson Ex-Manager of Pump


Secret #4: The General Manager of PUMP (Chad) was originally part of the Bravo camera crew season 1! Apparently everyone fell in love with him and SUR needed another bartender after Tom and Jax decided they were only bartenders on TV and not in real life. He then moved to Pump when it opened and got promoted to GM!

Chad the GM of PUMP


Secret #5: Jax got caught in a lie trying to impress a girl by bragging about a house in the Hollywood Hills that he supposedly bought. Jax was also caught lying multiple times throughout the first couple seasons tweeting and instagraming about being on vacations when he was actually at SUR. Reminds me of the current Lil Bow Wow incident. #cringe

Jax Taylor

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  1. Andy I wouldn’t listen to anything those SUR kids have 2 say @LisaV always she’s the only one with brains & class in the group why waste ur time going 2 them & what in the world do u like abt Peter