Say Goodbye to Phaedra Parks!


Phaedra AKA Shadedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta has been fired! Phaedra has always been known for being shady, but this time she went a little too far. Far enough that Bravo finally gave her the boot.

Towards the end of Season Nine of RHOA, Kandi and Porsha met up on camera and Porsha told Kandi that someone said Kandi and her husband, Todd, had planned on drugging Porsha and taking her back to their place and raping her.


Kandi mentioned many times to the women during the rest of the season how absurd those allegations were and was furious of what that could do to her business and family. No one seemed to know where this disgusting rumor came from. It didn’t come out until the fourth part of the epic four part reunion that Phaedra herself was the one who started the rumor! Porsha and Phaedra, AKA Frick and Frack, had become extremely close this season, but was it genuine? Porsha said it herself at the reunion, she feels like Phaedra used her to take Kandi down and that’s exactly what it looks like.

Porsha had been served with a cease and desist by Kandi so she was no longer able to speak on the matter, but she gave the floor to Phaedra since she herself was the one who told Porsha that Kandi had said that to Phaedra first hand!


Enough is enough Phaedra. Everyone has been tired of your shadiness for years now. This is truly an all time low for Miss Shadedra. Not ONLY had she accused Kandi and Todd of something so heinous, she also let Porsha take the fall for starting the rumor that Todd had been in NY going by the name of Marvin so he could cheat on Kandi. Todd would never do that, but if he did I doubt he would choose to go by Marvin, just saying. Porsha had been one of my favorites until this season. I’m hoping without Phaedra in her ear next season she becomes her fun loving self again. Bravo made the right choice, that’s what you get for coming for my girl Kandi. Bye not so Southern Belle, you and your lies will not be missed.

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  1. There seemed like no other choice but to fire Phaedra! And even though Porsha seemed to be used as a pawn she really should have to go as well. Although she is NOT a journalist but an on air persona in a entertainment gossip show she should habe know better than to repeat the things about drugging and rape in regards to Kandi and Todd on camera she should have brought it to Kandi privately. The damage that could do to someone’s livelihood is so hugh there is nothing funny or entertaining about it! It is just common sense of which she doesn’t much of. In fact if I was the EP of Dish Nation she would be gone. And if I was Kandi I would for sure have a law suit and or a civil suit against Phaedra for sure. I am a Buddhist so you would think I don’t really care about what people think of other faiths… it I do! I know many good Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, ETC. And I believe it’s people like Phaedra Parks that give Christians a bad name. She hurt Kandi and Todd and their children, she hurt Porsha, and all the other women on the show because she just dirtied the whole thing up there was nothing fun about that…which in turn hurt the whole franchise and Andy Cohn who is the most awesome gentleman always being so kind to these mostly over the top women. And it hurt the network. And she still didn’t come clean in the end or really apologize….whenever there is a but in there it’s a back handed sorry. And beside not being able to offer a true apology to Kandi and Todd first then to Porsha, to Andy, to her other cast mates, and to the viewers and ask for forgiveness without any buts and just say I said it…she kept saying well maybe you misunderstood or I said she said it to me instead of saying that I head it and repeated…is keeping it going. Like there is someone else out there that made up that lie and told Phaedra or she over heard it to try and ease her burden. She is an attorney sitting behind a desk, I truly don’t believe someone whispered that in her ear and she was worried for Porsha. Even if she was mad at Kandi if she were to have heard that the right thing to do was to say whoa whoa whoa stop right there I have issues with Kandi and we aren’t on good terms right now but I know for a fact that is not something Kandi would ever do so stop saying that and gone straight to Kandi with it off camera! I believe she made everything up….Kansi’s
    7 year affair, Todd being in New York and cheating, and the sex dungeon, and the drugging and raping bit. And we won’t even go into the camel toe trend and driving around sticking your touches out and looking at yourself when you and Porsha were together. I was truest embarrassed for the both of you. And Trust me I am NOT a prude…I would love to have a sex room with mirrors, strippers poles, velvet couches, and various couches in my home if I had the space. A special love room for me and my partner only for beautiful love making or hot kinky sweaty sex! Maybe you are just mad that Todd was still friends with Apollo after he went to jail then just say so. But to do the things that you did you are hurt much deeper than that and I don’t from what or by who but I true do not think that it’s Kandi and Todd that is the cause of whatever that hurt is. But I really hope you quite talking about Jesus and take a week away at a spiritual retreat or just alone and recommit to your faith and work in your relationship with God. See a therapist if need be find out what the hurt is and where it’s coming from. But stop hurt yourself and other innocent people along the way. And hopefully one day you will be able give Kandi and Todd and Porsha the unfiltered true apology they deserve. And quit hurting yourself. I can’t imagine this image of you yet last few years would bring clients with legit cases flocking to you. Needless to say I am truly horrified and disgusted by the things you have done but I will be chanting (praying) for you and your two sweet boys everyday for you health and happiness! It may be tough going but you are a strong woman just be honest and instead of throwing your faith out as a cover hold it tight to your heart and build that true relationship with your God so you don’t have to tell anyone about but it shows up in you thoughts, the words you say to people not
    About people and most of all your actions. Be well and make the journey count!!!

  2. This is a very good choice. That was EVIL what she did and sick. As a lawyer, it was funny to see her sit there with her mouth puckered out and at a loss for words! BRAVO, Bravo!