Why Lisa Vanderpump is Better on Vanderpump Rules than Real Housewives


Just when it seemed like Lisa Vanderpump couldn’t be more likable, watch Vanderpump rules. Lisa is arguably the fan favorite of RHOBH, but her involvement in Vanderpump Rules will portray a different side of her that makes her not just a housewife favorite, but a reality TV staple.

The show focuses on her business and the way she interacts with her employees, versus how she interacts with her Beverly Hills friends on Housewives. Perhaps her genuine commitment to her restaurants is why she become so involved with her staff, but whatever the reason here are some examples of why Lisa’s character is portrayed at her best on Vanderpump Rules:

She cares about the political climate in addition to her employees well beings

In VPR we see Lisa be a fearless advocate for gay rights. During season 5 we see Lisa stand up for gay rights in the West Hollywood Pride Parade the day after the tragic Orlando massacre. Not only does she attend the event, but she gives her employees the choice of coming in or not, acknowledging and respecting the different ways people respond to trauma. Seeing the more caring and empathetic side of Lisa is refreshing.

She wants her employees to succeed

We have seen Lisa extend her wallet and her genuine kindness to almost all of her employees. She has not only welcomed them in her home and her personal life, but she has given several of them the opportunity to succeed professionally. From letting Stassi be her stylist, to having Katie be her assistant, it is hard to predict when and where Lisa will extend her helping hand-but she certainly will. In the season 5 finale, we see as she offers Tom and Tom an opportunity to work with her to form another business-while the whereabouts of this project are unknown presently, it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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She is honest

From scolding Jax for stealing sunglasses (no harsher criticism from a parent like figure then the ‘I am disappointed in you’ speech) to telling Katie and Schwartz she is hesitant to marry them due to recent fighting, we see that Lisa is relentlessly honest-almost to the point of harsh. Although her delivery is at times shockingly direct, we can get a sense that it comes from a place of admiration and sincere concern.

These are just a few of the many examples that could be discussed, but whatever example we look at directly contrasts the petty superficial drama we see her involved with on Housewives. Lisa caring about a mass homophobic murder vs. her gossiping like a 7th grader about someone not wearing underwear? I take the former.

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