Are Luann and Tom a Match Made in Heaven?


Is Luann in love with Tom or in love with the lifestyle? When it comes to her relationships the only thing she does better than sweeping things under the rug, is turning the other cheek. When questioned about her relationship with Tom, Luann says “we’re happy in what we are doing. We are in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and we’re going skiing” If you question the average person about his or her relationship and their only defense is to list places they have traveled and constantly mention their partners luxurious penthouse then I think we have a problem here.

Luann accuses the ladies of being “obsessed with her and Tom’s relationship” and says “they have nothing better to do”  but let’s be real here, if the ladies had information about Tom and they did not tell Luann, she would then just be accusing them of being “bad friends” it’s a lose/lose situation for them.

Luann and Tom
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I personally don’t think Luann is in denial like the other ladies are saying. I think she flat out doesn’t give a crap! She’s no stranger to an open marriage and I don’t think she minds it one bit, as long as she’s getting stamps on her passport, she is all smiles. In all fairness though, this is a marriage that I think is perfect for the two of them, they are both players who can still do their own thing when they want and where they want, while still always having someone to come home to every night. These are the type of people who cannot be alone, they aren’t strong enough to stand on their own two feet and they aren’t secure enough with themselves to think they could both do better and deserve better. I guess you could say this is a match made in heaven. Congratulations to you both!! … I guess?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how next weeks episode plays out when Tom asks for a hall pass for his bachelor party. This relationship is already sounding oh so promising. I wish the best of luck to the newly wed couple and I hope everything is NOT what it seems to be. Only time will tell. So what have we learned here? What do you do if you find one of your best friends in a situation like this? You do as they do and just turn the other cheek.



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