An Ending of Disappointment for Phaedra Parks


Immediately after the RHOA reunion concluded, like many viewers, I found myself stunned. I thought I had a lot to say, seeing as this epic four part reunion encapsulated an equally as memorable season.  However, upon further reflection and the time to fully digest the drama that happened between Kandi and Phaedra, I only have one word to sum up my final feelings: disappointing. Phaedra disappointed me. She disappointed her own character, career, and children.

When Phaedra first appeared on RHOA, I will admit, she wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t get her character. She seemed to be doing the most in all the wrong ways, she seemed just contrived. However, as she continued with the show and allowed the cameras to document her life as a career woman, a mother, a wife, and then a single mother, she began to grow on me. I respected the way she seemed to keep it real with the camera, her close friends, and her family, versus the rest of the cast. There wasn’t anything wrong with wanting to confide in Porsha, a close friend, about her divorce, instead of Kenya, an acquaintance of hers whom she had prior trust issues with, that natural preference and alliance seemed genuine. As all the Housewives franchises show viewers, you don’t need to be close friends with everyone.

That being said, Phaedra was always quirky, but she seemed to be guarded in a way that seemed relatable. I enjoyed seeing her defend Apollo’s rights as an ex-con when the others were quick to judge. It was admirable that she managed to start another career and earn another degree with a young child while being a practicing attorney. My fondness for her was further solidified when she used her platform as a reality TV star to discuss politics like BLM. On top of that, she juggled having two young children as a single parent-and her kids are about as sharp and cute as they come.

As you can see, she grew on me a great deal. That is why her downfall was such an utter disappointment. Making up that Kandi would drug and rape another cast mate was beyond low, even if Kandi didn’t have the empire that she does, no one deserves that.  It was despicable, disgusting, and disappointing. Even as an avid viewer, we know Kandi is clean and doesn’t even drink-and deep down Phaedra knew that as well. Yet here we are. She lied, and during the reunion gave no explanation or showed any remorse for her behavior.

This is why I can’t defend her character anymore, she crossed a line and sadly for her, I don’t think her career as an attorney will ever give her room to publically admit her wrongdoings. She can’t openly admit a lie if her main career is to defend and sort out what is ‘true’ or ‘right’. If the rumors are correct, and she was fired from RHOA, it is for the best. RHOA is one of the most ‘real’ franchises of Housewives, and she shouldn’t have the power to jeopardize that.

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