“A Countess No More” RHONY Episode 11 Recap


This week in New York City, we focused more on Sonja. As long as we have known Sonja, she has always loved guys. Loves them, she gets herself into some pretty sticky situations though.  This time she is torn between a younger man who is French and an older gentlemen she got introduced to a few seasons ago, Rocco.  As both of these relationships are developing, poor Sonja is now getting into hot water by choosing between the two.  (I would chose the French guy, I mean Bon Appetit! Am I right?!?)



Since it is Christmastime, Bethenny hosts her annual Christmas party, which Ramona was not invited to. Shocker!! However, if I had to chose between Bethenny’s Christmas shin-dig or Ramona’s dinner with her daughters closest friends……I would chose Bethenny party. I mean come on, she had a luge, defiantly party time!!  During Bethenny’s party the girls brought up Ramona and they began talking about her recent behavior at the Berkshires.  I am seeing a different Ramona this season and I hope that someone will speak up and help her.  It seems that the entire group has an issue with Ramona.

Traveling to Florida to see the Countess trade in the title for Mrs. D’agostino! Congrats Luann!! Hopefully we can finally move on from rumors regarding Tom. (From the looks of next weeks episode….I won’t hold my breath). It was great to see Jill’s little message to Luann.  The wedding did look so beautiful and seemed flawless, other than Dorinda arriving late!!

We return to New York, Dorinda catches Ramona up, Carole and Bethenny travel around China town, and we see Sonja is preparing for yet ANOTHER roommate…..Frenchie.  Now I love Sonja, however, I believe its a little quick for him to move in.  Its so quick that Sonja hasn’t even told Rocco about Frenchie. She’s basically playing both of them.

Then we end the episode with yet another celebration on Luann and Tom. I agree with Dorinda about the amount of parties to celebrate them both.  During this party, Sonja brings Frenchie out and introduces him to the girls.  It seems the blondes, excluding Dorinda, brought a date with them to the Celebratory Party.  I hope these women can find love again.

Until next week!!




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