Why Katie Maloney’s Defiance To Her Tequila Problem Is Extremely Alarming


It’s very safe to say that Katie Maloney-Schwartz hasn’t had the best time lately with fans. After turning Vanderpump Rules’ fifth season into the worst marathon of Bridezilla ever, the newly married Katie has been the lighting rod of vitriol over a variety of awful behaviors, from the ridiculous witch hunt of Lala Kent to getting personally triggered over any kind of conflict to her opinions, expectations, or feelings.

Most of these issues (amongst the rest of the show’s quarrels) are beyond petty, but what’s more serious than that is the complete disregard she has towards her inebriated actions.

“I’m sick of everyone calling me a mean alcoholic,” she once purred.

Well, Mrs. Tom Schwartz, you might want to stop acting like one.

katie maloney

At least once per season, we are treated to an alcohol-induced explosion from “Tequila Katie,” her infamous alter ego who treats her friends and loved ones like pure garbage. If enhancing her already nasty personality wasn’t bad enough, she regularly sends a variety of disgusting texts to her now-husband, Tom Schwartz, that are nothing short of emotional abuse.

The most frightful part of this is how Katie shows zero remorse over her actions, nor does she take any kind of accountability over her actions when she crosses to “the dark side,” as her “bubba” would say. For the past two reunions, Katie does nothing but blame everyone else for her problems, saying that if her friends just supported her deplorable conduct, there wouldn’t be any kind of issue at hand.

While we shouldn’t be surprised by this puerile response on a show with puerile mentalities, it’s peculiar to watch a relatively boring woman have a disgusting part of her character flourish like a ratchet Pokémon evolution. And with the primary influence being booze, what else needs to be said?

I’d like to point out there is a distinct difference between an alcoholic, who depends on the substance to get through the day, and someone with a drinking problem, who cannot handle their liquor and/or becomes a monster when they drink it. While Katie doesn’t seem to be dependent on her tequila, the abrasive resistance she conveys tells a different truth. I’d like to put Katie somewhere in the middle, but I’m in no place to put a stamp on what her problem is (especially when we don’t have 24/7 access to every single moment of her life.)

What’s really sad is that Katie still expects to carry on with this behavior and have no blowback whatsoever. Like most delusional Bravolebrities, Katie likes to live in a universe where she gets away with whatever she wants as long as a legion of fans are there to validate her imprudence. I hope she gets the wake-up call she desperately needs, especially if she wants the relationship she made such a fuss over to last.

Katie has to realize that this behavior cannot be tolerated anymore as a grown adult. If not, there are plenty of people who look forward to watching her find out the hard way.

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