The Women Of Vanderpump Rules Are Divided So Whose Side Are You On?


It’s a shame the camera’s aren’t filming at the moment because there seems to be a very apparent line drawn in the sand between these two groups of girls.

We witnessed a clear shift in alliances on Scheana’s part at the season 5 reunion. Scheana who was outwardly besties with Stassi, Kristen and Katie all season was now calling them bullies (throwback to season 1-3). She seemingly used the reunion to victimize herself against the “mean girls” even though all season we watched her participate in the same amount of pot stirring.

Before the finale of this past season aired, we saw social media blowing up with pictures of Scheana and Lala out and about together. Shocking to all fans who just watched Scheana trash Lala and her secret relationship all season. Now it seems like the tables have turned and the two are closer than ever.

In quite a few interviews, Scheana revealed that she was hurt that none of the girls reached out to her when the finale episode aired, knowing it would be a hard one since that is when she announced her divorce on television. But instead the other girls (Stassi, Katie and Kristen) had a viewing party at a bar in West Hollywood. I don’t know but this sounds a lot like the whiny old Scheana who got upset when Stassi didn’t text her after her “dental surgery”. I’m sure this was very hard episode for her to watch but it was also a very happy episode for the now Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schwartz as it was the second part of their highly anticipated wedding episode. So perhaps, she should put herself in their shows as well.

Scheana also claims the girls threatened to expose her crumbling marriage with Shay. Something real friends clearly shouldn’t be doing. But on the contrary, real friends also shouldn’t be befriending your well known nemesis and call you an alcoholic on national television like Scheana did to Katie either. It seems to be like all parties are playing dirty here.

Last week, Scheana who now apparently has her own Instagram live show trashed Stassi while on with Ariana and Lala. The word got back to Stassi who then tweeted:

stassi twitter

Then sparking a full on Twitter feud between the two groups.

And most recently, Scheana did an interview in which she defends her friendship with Lala, talks about how her new man thinks the other girls are “assholes” and calls her new group “Team Hot and Nice” (Really that’s the best they could come up with?). This is clearly a dig at the group name “Witches of Weho” that Stassi, Katie and Kristen call themselves.

Watch Scheana’s full juicy interview segment here.

To me, it seems like Scheana has flipped flopped teams and played victim while throwing her “friends” under the bus one too many times for Stassi, Katie and Kristen. Besides we all know their big thing is “loyalty.”

So whose side are you on?

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