Here’s What Could Happen During Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules


So season 6 is green lit, we know that. But what can be expected to happen during it. In previous seasons, we kind of had an idea of what was to come in the next season based on the current events that took place that season. So lets write the perfect storm of what could make for the most entertaining season 6.

jax and brittany

Jax and Brittany Get Engaged
We’ve now seen two engagements take place on Vanderpump Rules. We first had Scheana and Shay and followed that up with Tom and Katie. A good love story always makes for good ratings, so could Jax pop the question during season 6? Better yet, will he pop the question during the first season of Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky and give us another wedding to view during season 6?

tom schwartz katie maloney

Tom and Katie Get Divorced
From matrimony to tragedy, could we have another season where we experience both a wedding and a divorce? This season was certainly eventful and made for great entertainment so why not try to replicate some of the most highly memorable moments from season 5? I’m not wishing a divorce for Tom and Katie but it would make for a great storyline. They’ve had their troubles throughout their relationship but seemed to be in a good place by wedding time.

lala kent scheana marie

Lala and Scheana’s Boyfriends Join the Cast
Now we know Lala’s boyfriend is the best kept secret as no one has a clue who he is, but will he drop his guard and appear on the show? The more lies and questions that were asked about him only made the viewers at home that much more anxious to meet him. Scheana’s boyfriend isn’t necessarily a secret, but it’s always interesting when a new boyfriend or girlfriend becomes involved in the show.

james kennedy and jax taylor

James and Jax Become Best Friends
The relationship between Jax and James has been something to witness. These guys tend to go at each other just from looking in either ones direction. But wouldn’t it be great to see them become best friends? It would be so weird that it just might be entertaining. If you watched the reunion, you may think the relationship is already budding.

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  1. Can’t believe Brittany and Jax have a spin off. It may be the end of them. Never thought Brittany brought anything to the show.