Rob Kardashian Posts Bed Shared with Black Chyna On Craigslist for $250,000


July 4th’s fireworks were followed up on July 5th by a fury of Instagram posts via @RobKardashian dragging his baby-mama Black Chyna thru the social media coals for apparently being unfaithful. His page was subsequently shut down leading to a mass exodus of tea-sippers to Twitter to follow the gossip. Follow that story here.

A post on Beverly Hills Craigslist posted at 12pm lists the bed’s condition as ‘Fair’ and reads:

Bed where I (Rob Kardashian) made my child with Blac Chyna$250000 (Beverly Hills)

“Selling the bed where I made my child with Blac Chyna because she been fucking too many unsuccessful dudes with no real jobs in this bed including me haha . I got hundreds of videos of Blac Chyna tongue kissing guys in this bed, the very same bed where Blac Chyna and myself (Rob Kardashian) created a baby who is my daughter and also sometimes I nap in this bed after too much Thai food. I like my Thai food spicy and spicy makes me sleepy haha . I am unable to go on sleeping in this bed that I paid for knowing she’s been fucking 3 dudes in 3 days in the bed where my daughter was conceived and lays and also we like to watch Friends in this bed haha . Friends is funny. Also one of these guys from the bed videos is wearing a robe that maybe I bought but I can’t say for sure, I’ve got a lot of robe purchases going on and I can’t be expected to keep track of every single one. I gave Blac Chyna money and drugs and surgeries and I refuse to sully the good Kardashian name by associating with things like money, drugs, and surgeries. Asking $250,000 which seems reasonable considering I invented my daughter in this bed with Blac Chyna and also it will help pay for one of the sports cars I purchased for Blac Chyna because I am Rob Kardashian and how much money do I really have I mean I sell socks on Twitter haha . Will throw in some pics of her vagina if it sweetens the deal for u, I’ve got mad vag pics. Would post this on Instagram, but they just deleted my account lol”

The contact info for the post is hidden and it’s unclear whether this post is genuine or just a parody post but regardless, funny. The full post can be found here:

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